AUSTIN (KXAN) — The relentless heat wave, the ongoing drought, the increase in the number of wildfires have not only taken a physical toll on many but has also, for some, exacted an emotional and mental strain.

KXAN Meteorologist Rich Segal spoke with Erin Larsen-Mendoza, Clinical Manager of Sage Recovery and Wellness Center.

She says part of the problem lies with the heat leading to people getting irritated. The heart rate increases. We sweat more. Some get headaches. These physical issues lead to the increase in the emotional strain. This emotional/mental toll makes it so that some people may begin lashing out at the smallest thing.

She also says this irritability could affect sleeping patterns. When that happens, the stress on your emotional well being also increases.

Mendoza would guide someone who is suffering emotionally to just pause and notice what is happening. Assess each situation as it comes. Focus on what can be controlled. The heat, the drought, the wildfires taken individually or as a whole, are not in your control.

Giving yourself little treats and some self-soothing, and being kind to yourself are ways to help avoid becoming more irritated because of the present weather.