AUSTIN (KXAN) — Crime scene tape still surrounds a south Austin neighborhood where an Austin police officer was shot and killed over the weekend.

The Austin police officer who died after a Saturday morning SWAT standoff in south Austin has been identified as senior officer Jorge Pastore.

APD said there were two dead civilians found in the house where the incident occurred, and the suspect died from their injuries.

The names of the victims of the suspect have not been released at this time, but we are learning more about the brave officers who rushed in to help.

“It has been a haunting and horrible experience,” said APD Detective Bino Cadenas. “I had the pleasure of working with him in Henry Sector and served with him several times in downtown area command. He was just a force to be reckoned with.”

Cadenas said it was difficult when he heard the call come in about the shooting.

“I think his last actions define him well,” Cadenas said. “He was courageous, honorable, he had integrity, hard worker and a man of service.”

Cadenas is the chairman for Austin Cops for Charities, and he is now working to help Pastore’s family.

“Things are needed immediately,” Cadenas said. “Whether it is flying families in from a different state, whether it is putting them in hotels, whether it is preparing for the funeral.”

Tami Baker is a board member with Austin Cops for Charities, who said a donation page has been set up. She said the community is already giving back.

“Right now the community in blue needs to know their community has their back and I am seeing that,” Baker said.

  • Memorial for fallen Austin Police Department officer
  • Fallen APD officer memorial set up outside APD headquarters
  • Memorial for fallen Austin Police Department officer
  • Memorial for fallen Austin Police Department officer
  • Memorial for fallen Austin Police Department officer

The organization also offers help to the family and other officers who might need emotional support during tough times.

“We are there for the officers who are still maintaining the scene, those officers that are on the investigation,” Baker said.

“This has been very tragic for his teammates, the people that saw what happened, they are having a hard time,” Cadenas said.

That’s why Cadenas and others are stepping up to help in any way they can.

“He is a hero, and his actions will never be forgotten,” Cadenas said.

If you would like to donate you can also write a check and take it to the Austin Police Association office, more information provided here.