BASTROP COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Nothing is slowing down one Bastrop County man taking his love for skydiving to new heights.

Doug Feick is 60 years old. A lot of people at that age are planning for retirement. Feick jumps out of planes.

He started skydiving in the 80s. First, it was an interest, then a hobby, and soon a passion that has only strengthened over time.

He continued to evolve as a skydiver. Today, he does so competitively as part of an 8-way formation skydiving team. His team is called The French 8-Way Team (although they’re not actually French).

“It’s really just one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been able to do,” he said.

But, he was missing one thing — gold.

That is, until last month, when the French 8 jumped out of a plane and caught gold on the way down. They are the best advanced 8-way team in the world after winning the U.S. Parachuting Association’s National Skydiving Championship in their class.

“It just means a whole lot. I’ve been working for a gold metal at the nationals for 10 years or more,” Feick said. “It’s great.”

Feick’s isn’t a story about one man who likes jumping out of a plane. Instead, it’s a message from one man about reaching for the sky — and then jumping out of a plane.

Most of the people he competes against are much younger. Feick says it could have been easy to let age ruin his chase, but nothing was getting in the way of his passion and dreams. That’s something he hopes everyone takes away from his team’s victory.

“I think anybody should chase their dreams, whether it’s later in life or in their youth,” Feick said. “There’s no reason why you can’t continue chasing at what you want to do, and even achieving,”

If you haven’t found your passion, Feick said, “Start looking and do it. Find out what really gets your motor running and go for it. You put it out there and you went for it and I think that just makes everyone a better person to try to do the best they can.”Jorge Rodas explains how Feick is still pursuing his passion, on KXAN on the CW.