JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – Juarez police are investigating a quadruple murder in which the bodies of three men and a woman were dismembered and left in an abandoned SUV.

Police came across the black Ford Expedition late Tuesday night at the corner of Miguel de la Madrid and Libramiento Sur, near the southern edge of the city.

Police said the bodies – with the lower limbs severed – were wrapped in blankets inside the vehicle. Plastic bags containing a human head and assorted body parts were strewn about outside the Ford Expedition.

Juarez police have told Border Report that organized criminal gangs cut up the bodies of victims in an attempt to inspire fear among their rivals. The city is not only one of the main corridors for the trafficking of illicit drugs into the United States, but in the past four years has been a battleground for street gangs attempting to control domestic drug sales.

Crystal meth, heroin and marijuana are the main drugs being peddled in working-class neighborhoods where most homicides occur, Chihuahua state police have said.

Juarez has recorded more than 850 murders so far this year.