HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — There have been hundreds of payroll errors for Hays County employees in recent months.

“We have identified 273 payroll corrections that are still pending after the May 15, 2023 payroll,” said Hays County Auditor Marisol Villarreal-Alonzo.

KXAN is waiting to hear back from the county if the 273 corrections have been made.

Employees’ frustration

Some employees brought their complaints to the attention of the Hays County Commissioners Court during the May 23 meeting.

“The deposits to my retirement fund had not been made in over a month despite my contribution still being deducted,” said one county employee.

They said it feels like their money has gone missing.

“My husband, who also works for Hays County, received a check that was noticeably less than usual. His overtime pay was excluded but was told a paper check would be cut the next day,” said another county employee.

It’s an issue that Hays County Commissioner Walt Smith said concerns him.

“We’ve got folks who maybe their overtime is what makes the mortgage payment. It really has a direct impact in the livelihoods of our employees,” Smith said.

Breakdown of the errors

Newly elected Hays County Treasurer Daphne Tenorio said there was a variety of different errors.

“An error could have been an overpayment. It could have been an underpayment, it could have been a child support number that was wrong,” Tenorio said.

Tenorio said she came into this position at the start of the year with little to no training on some policies and procedures.

“It has been OTJ, on-the-job learning, completely,” Tenorio said. “I would like to say that it has been smooth. It has not been.”

As a result, Tenorio asked commissioners to move payroll duties from the treasurer’s office to the budget office. That motion passed unanimously and took effect immediately after the May 23 meeting.

It’s a change the court hopes will stop more errors and give county employees peace of mind as they get paid.

“We’ll see what happens over the next 30, 90 days. All the members of the court will be paying very close attention to it,” Commissioner Smith said.

Ongoing investigation

On Tuesday, commissioners held a special meeting to iron out more details of the transfer of payroll duties.

During that meeting, Commissioner Lon Shell mentioned he received an email from the district attorney last week about ongoing investigations into members of the treasurer’s office.

Commissioners couldn’t comment on the investigation. KXAN reached out to the District Attorney’s office for more information but has not heard back yet.