SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) – A more than 2,000 acre industrial park in parts of San Marcos and Martindale is inching closer to breaking ground on construction.

The project for the massive acreage is called The San Marcos Air Rail and Truck Terminal (SMART). Developers said they chose the location because of the dramatic growth in the Austin-San Antonio I-35 corridor.

But neighbors are concerned about how it will impact those who call that area home.

Annie and Noah Donovan live right across the street from part of the SMART Terminal land.

Annie and Noah Donovan looking at the SMART terminal land in front of their home
The Donovan’s moved into their home less than two years ago. Now, with the industrial park coming, they are considering moving out. (Photo: KXAN’s Sarah Al-Shaikh)

“Do we sell? Do we move because of something like this?” Noah said.

The development agreement was originally approved by the City of San Marcos back in 2019. Developers are now asking to annex parts of the land to be rezoned for heavy industrial use.

“Their goal was to incorporate air because the airport’s right there, rail because the rail lines right there, and truck transportation so that manufacturers that they bring in, have an easy way to just export whatever they’re manufacturing,” Annie said.

What are neighbor’s concerns?

Annie said it poses some environmental concerns because of its proximity to the San Marcos River.

“Any sort of runoff or anything like that, you know, goes into the creek goes straight into the river,” Annie said. “Definitely disrupt the wildlife corridor and displace many species.”

On Wednesday, the Donovans and other community members met with the developer to ask questions and share their worries.

Ana Juarez said some people in that area said they cannot live closer to the city.

“We have a lot of trailer homes out here. Some of those people cannot afford to to move,” Juarez said.

What is the developer saying?

The developer was not available to talk with KXAN at the meeting but sent a statement beforehand.

“With the addition of the SMART Development Project, San Marcos will join the shortlist of cities offering nationally strategic real estate developments with regionally connected infrastructure for industrial and commercial tenants. We are excited to partner with the City of San Marcos and Caldwell County to ultimately bring jobs to the region that will have a substantial economic impact on the community.”

Clayton Kendall, Scarborough Lane Development Vice President

For the Donovans, the project makes them consider leaving the area. But after pouring their savings into this new home, that doesn’t seem possible.

“Housing prices have skyrocketed. Where am I gonna go?” Annie said.

The community will meet again with the developer Wednesday March 22 at the Martindale Schoolhouse.