SHERMAN, Texas (KXAN) — During a board meeting on Monday, the Sherman Independent School District board unanimously voted to reinstate the original script and cast in the upcoming high school musical production of ‘Oklahoma!’ after community backlash.

Earlier this month, the district said students involved in the musical could not act in roles that did not match a student’s assigned sex at birth because of the adult content in the play.

After community backlash, the board then took back its decision to remove students and then approved a different version of the play the board said was for all ages.

We want to apologize to our students, parents and our community regarding the circumstances that they have had to go through to this date. We understand that our decision does not erase the impact this had on our community, but we hope that we will reinforce to everyone, particularly our students, that we do embrace all of our Board goals, to include addressing the diverse needs of our students and empowering them for success in a diverse and complex world. The Board is committed to uphold its ethical duties to include being continuously guided by what is best for all students in our District.

Sherman ISD Board President Brad Morgan