AUSTIN (KXAN) — Questions pour in constantly for the First Warning Weather Team, as viewers ask about different things happening with the weather in Central Texas and elsewhere. There’s now a new, interactive way to find out answers.

Every Monday morning, Meteorologist Rich Segal will comb through his inbox and join anchor Will DuPree for “KXAN Weather: What’s on Your Mind?” to talk through some of the questions submitted that week.

Here’s a list of the questions that got addressed:

  • Charlotte Haisler: “I heard the term ‘hurriquake’ on an internet news site. What is it, and what causes it? Can the weather team explain this?”

Rich’s response: It’s the combination of a hurricane and a earthquake. This is extremely rare, but it did happen on August 20, 2023. The term trended on X (formerly Twitter) when the city of Ojai was struck with a 5.5 magnitude earthquake rattled the city prior to Hilary making its landfall.

  • Jo Nell Morris: Love your news and weather reports and on your website. Just curious about why your projected high daily temperatures are different on your website from what you project in your TV reports. 

Rich’s response: Make sure when you set up to the correct location. Our daily highs that we show on KXAN and our show on the CW Autin are set for Austin, but the highs in the other cities on the other cities featured on the app will have different daytime maximums and minimums.

  • Dave Easterwood: “Why is it when the radar shows rain over your area yet there is no rain falling?

Rich’s response: On the lower right side of the radar portion of our app, there are three settings from which you choose. Make sure it is set to Future.

  • Question from two viewers: “Why does the radar sometimes flash or do nothing?”

Rich’s response: I will pose this question to our app expert and will endeavor to have an answer next week.