AUSTIN (KXAN) – Williamson and Hays Counties revealed $11.2 million and nearly $8.1, million, respectively, in unpaid taxes are still owed to both counties for the 2021 financial year.

Each tax office sent KXAN its top 10 list of delinquent taxpayers who still owe the most of anyone in the county.

Drug developer tops Williamson County list

Benuiva Therapeutics, SC Williams LLC, MZ properties LLC, Auro Crossing Holdings LLC, Baby Earth, Little River Healthcare System, Training Properties LTC, CWP Asset Corp, Jesse Espinoza and Jose Garcia and High Ridge Development LLC are on the list
Williamson County’s Top 10 Delinquent taxpayers (KXAN Graphic)

In Williamson County, there are 7,300 property owners with 16,500 past due balances. The tax office there provided KXAN with a list of accounts that owe the most and have made no payments or arrangements to make payments.  

The accounts on the Williamson County list would have received an initial tax bill in October, a courtesy reminder in February and another letter in May, said Williamson County Tax Assessor-Collector Larry Gaddes.

Round Rock pharmaceutical company Benuvia Therapeutics, a drug developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical cannabinoids and psychedelics, tops the list, owing over $500,000 in delinquent taxes. It has not yet responded to our request for comment.

The rest of the accounts featured on the list are mostly commercial or investment real estate owners.  

College housing company tops Hays County list

Pointe San Marcos Partners LP, Builders First Source South Texas, RCI Properties (Buda) LLC, Woodbridge Enterprises LLC, RECT LLC, J Ranch Commercial LLC, 601 Old Oaks Ranch LLC, Kali Kate Services INC, ADB TX Investments LLC and Ghost Hill land Group LLC are all on the list
Hays County’s Top 10 Delinquent taxpayers (KXAN Graphic)

At the top of Hay’s County’s list is Pointe San Marcos Partners LP, owing just over $260,000 in delinquent taxes to the county. The company owns the Pointe San Marcos Apartments near Texas State University and caters to college students.

“Ownership is presently working to obtain the necessary funds to promptly pay off the tax delinquency,” a Pointe San Marcos Partners LP representative said, responding to KXAN’s request for comment.

The taxpayers on the Hays County list would have received their delinquent notices as early as February of this year, Hays County’s Tax Assessor-Collector Jenifer O’Kane said.

O’Kane explained these delinquent taxes would help fund essential services provided in both counties.

“That’s how certain schools function. (These taxes fund) the large majority of their budget. The county, the road, emergency services… That’s how we fund all of these things,” she added.

Earlier this year, Travis County released its list of the top 10 delinquent taxpayers, totaling $67 million.