AUSTIN (KXAN) — As upgrades to TxTag’s operational system lag behind, the toll operator says customers can expect to start seeing months of charges posted to their accounts.

TxTag, which is funded by the Texas Department of Transportation, says the charges began posting Jan. 11. The agency says the charges are those incurred from late October 2020 to January 2021.

“Customers who participate in our AutoPay program may see multiple account replenishment charges within a short period of time to cover the cost of their tolls for the time period referenced above,” said TxTag in a notice to customers Thursday. 

TxTag added that it encourages all AutoPay customers to regularly check the balance of any banking account connected to AutoPay to ensure there are enough funds to pay for the accrued charges.

TxTag closed its online customer service center from Nov. 18 to Dec. 11 for the upgrades, which the agency expects will make it easier for drivers to manage their TxTag accounts, pay bills and get customer support. For years, we’ve been reporting on issues with TxTag’s billing and customer service.

KXAN has been getting almost daily emails about problems with the upgrades, which include TxTag migrating to a new toll operations vendor.

But, upgrades have continued as the site went live. TxTag says there will be no late fees until the transition is completed, and that it would let customers know when those fees would start to be issued again.

Still, customers remain concerned about the latest batch of charges being posted to their accounts and would like to see more billing transparency.

“What business says we are going to keep charging your card without providing you the reason we are charging?” asked one driver in an email to KXAN. “I can opt for a paper invoice, but then I have to pay a convenience fee to ensure that I am being charged appropriately.”

On Thursday we asked TxDOT for more specifics on what customers can expect to see on their bills.

For customers with AutoPay, a spokesperson said the agency would try to limit the number of bank withdrawals in one day. For those who are billed by mail, the plan is for there to be two months’ worth of charges in a single statement.