LLANO COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — On Sept. 30, the Buchanan Lake Village Landowners Association president, Theo Van Eeten, received a letter from the Lower Colorado River Authority, LCRA, informing him that South Street Park, the community-owned land, will now have free public access for boating and general recreation on Lake Buchanan.

The letter comes nearly a month after KXAN’s investigation addressed Van Eeten’s concerns about a land lease.

In August, Van Eeten reached out to KXAN after an LCRA Real Estate Services Division manager informed him LCRA was increasing the price to maintain the land lease. The landowners association signed the initial lease contract in 1986.

According to Van Eeten, the LCRA manager told him the price to maintain the lease was increasing from $800 a year to more than $4,500.

“A fee of $4,545 is truly not affordable for a community like ours which consists mostly of retired and senior citizens,” Van Eeten said at the time.

The loss of the land lease would potentially mean the association would lose its most popular access to the lake.

Van Eaten provided KXAN with the LCRA letter he received, which stated:

“In the spirit of cooperation, and to minimize the financial impact to your community, LCRA has decided to provide you with a 30-day notice to end the lease with the Buchanan Lake Village Land Owners Association. This action will facilitate free public access to Lake Buchanan.”

LCRA letter sent to Theo Van Eeten, President of Buchanan Lake Village Land Owners Association, regarding status of land lease.

“None of this would have been possible without your efforts and support,” Van Eeten said.