LLANO, Texas (KXAN) — Developments in the Holly Marie Simmons murder case await the completion of DNA testing that could be finished before the end of the year, said Llano County District Attorney Sonny McAfee on Thursday following a pretrial hearing.

Jimmy Don Wolfenbarger, 58, is charged with murder in Llano County; he is suspected of killing Simmons, a 45-year-old mother of four who disappeared from her Buchanan Dam home in 2006. Wolfenbarger was her landlord at the time. Simmons’ disappearance was treated as a missing person case for three years, until a diver found her body cemented in a sunken jon boat in Inks Lake.

Wolfenbarger was indicted in May 2021. He appeared in Llano County District Court Thursday morning for a brief status hearing. McAfee said there was no discussion of a possible plea deal or trial.

“The extent of the discussion was: once we get the DNA results back then we’ll all talk,” McAfee said. “We’re still waiting on DNA results. So, we got reset for another 60 days.”

Simmons’ murder has garnered media attention for years, but law enforcement’s investigation was stalled for roughly a decade. By classifying it as a missing person case, rather than a murder from the start, vital evidence and leads were not collected or pursued, said Llano County Sheriff Bill Blackburn in a 2015 interview with KXAN.

Blackburn said there was evidence in Simmons’ home that suggested there was a violent incident inside and she did not make it out alive. He said the murder appeared “personal,” and she likely knew her killer.

The Texas Rangers reinvestigated the case beginning in 2016, and they named Wolfenbarger as a suspect. He is accused of strangling Simmons to death with a wire or cord, according to the indictment.

The next hearing is set for Nov. 10.