AUSTIN (KXAN) — Former employees of Dr. Clint Herzog say they haven’t seen a paycheck after the FLOSS Dental on Brodie Lane closed.

Latisha Hines says Dr. Clint Herzog owes her money, more than a thousand dollars. The dental assistant used to work at FLOSS Dental but says she walked out when the paychecks stopped. 

“I’m mad. If it wasn’t for the doctor I work for now, I’d still be in the same position. Still trying to get my check. Still trying to work at FLOSS,” said Hines.

She’s not alone. KXAN dug through court records across the country and found investors took him to court in New York.

There, a judge ordered Herzog to pay more than $100,000. A similar lawsuit in Texas has investors suing for half a million dollars after FLOSS locations closed with little notice. 

State records show he surrendered his dental license two years ago.

“I want him to pay everyone their money. I want him to let the patients know what happened. I want to know what happened, what was really going on,” said Hines.

Displaced patients are also scrambling to get their services taken care of as all the FLOSS Austin offices are closed except for one in downtown.

The doors are still open at FLOSS Dental on West Fifth Street. Staff members tell KXAN they are still providing services to current patients but it is not clear if Herzog will continue being the owner of the location by the end of this week.

This comes as the legal problems for Herzog pile up. KXAN Investigates reported last week on the lawsuit filed within Travis County claiming Herzog collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors to open multiple dental office locations but never made the purchases.

The plaintiffs also say the State Board of Dental Examiners suspended his license in 2015, but allowed him to practice under certain conditions.

In 2016, Herzog voluntarily surrendered his license to practice, which the plaintiffs said they were not aware of. 

According to Texas State Board of Dental Examiners records, Herzog was accused of advertising that his offices had multiple “elite” providers for Invisalign services, but he was the only “elite” provider.

Herzog is also accused of advertising dental services that “were free or discounted without disclosing the prices of associated services,” according to his non-disciplinary remedial plan.

Herzog was also involved in several lawsuits in Dallas County, according to the Travis County lawsuit, which alleges he withdrew large sums of money from Floss to “support his recklessly expensive lifestyle.”

KXAN attempted multiple times to interview Herzog but he has not issued a statement.

The attorney for Floss investors suing Herzog tells us they can’t find the doctor to serve him the suit. Neither can his former workers.