TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The one-word warning on the “Bump” signs along Blake Manor Road don’t seem to tell the whole story of the journey along this path. Drivers have described the Travis County road as terrible, dangerous and harmful.

Kimari Hill said this trip is a stressor — one the college freshman doesn’t need.

“You’re going over the road. It’s bumpy. It’s curvy,” she said. “You don’t know what’s going on. You don’t know what to expect.”

For about a mile and a half on the road just outside of Manor, from around Hamilton Point to Briarcreek Loop, vehicles bounce with the many bumps and dips and weave to avoid the uneven asphalt.

  • Cars traveling over cracked Blake Manor Road (KXAN Photo/Richie Bowes)
  • Cracks on Blake Manor Road large enough to fit a baseball (KXAN Photo/Richie Bowes)
  • Cracked asphalt on Blake Manor Road (KXAN Photo/Richie Bowes)
  • Bus driving over cracked Blake Manor Road (KXAN Photo/Richie Bowes)
  • Close up of large crack in Blake Manor Road (KXAN Photo/Mike Rush)
  • Large crack in Blake Manor Road (KXAN Photo/Mike Rush)
  • Wide shot of large crack in Blake Manor Road (KXAN Photo/Mike Rush)

Then there are the cracks. Some of them are so wide, they can swallow a baseball. Neighbors said it’s been like this for far too long.

According to Texas Department of Transportation data, there have been 110 crashes on Blake Manor Road since 2020. None have been deadly, but there were six serious injuries.

“I’ve seen accidents almost take place,” said Lou Demaria, who has lived in the area for about 20 years.

He saw traffic on Blake Manor grow as the area continues to grow.

“It’s a little ridiculous, you know. We pay taxes for the roads,” Demaria said.

Travis County spokesman Hector Nieto said, “We’ve been aware of this for some time.”

Nieto told KXAN Investigates the wheels are turning for some big change. The plan is to transform this well worn two-lane road, “to, ultimately, a four-lane highway with an additional lane in the center as a turning lane,” Nieto said.

The design process, land purchases for the expansion and moving of utilities have been going on for about six years. The nearly $15 million project is expected to start in late September and will last about a year and a half.

“In the meantime, I do expect that there may be some spot maintenance throughout the stretch of the road in order to improve the quality of the ride,” Nieto added.

Travis County is replacing just under three miles on the county side of Blake Manor Road, where the worst of the damage is.