WACO, TX (KXAN) – In a lonely camper along Highway 195 in Killeen, lives one of the 12 living clergymen in the Austin Diocese’s list of clergy with credible allegations of child sex abuse. 

His name is Rafael Rendon Ozuna. 

His address is easy for anyone to find. All it takes is searching his name in the Texas Sex Offender Registry. Ozuna earned his spot on the state’s registry in 2011, when he was convicted of indecency with a child by sexual contact. 

That child was an eight-year-old, but the crime was not connected to his role as a deacon in the Austin Diocese. The list published by the diocese Thursday afternoon does not indicate whether Ozuna ever had any other allegations made against him during his three-year tenure with the Austin Diocese. 

Ozuna told KXAN during our conversation at his home Thursday that there were no allegations stemming from his tenure at the diocese and that the only allegation was in 2010 and was unrelated to his postion. Ozuna also said he didn’t know anything about the credible sex abuse allegations involving the other individuals on the Austin Diocese’s list.  

Ozuna was sentenced to six years of probation and community supervision, according to the state’s offender registry. The diocese’s files show Ozuna was a deacon at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Killeen and Our Lady of Guadalupe in Temple. 

We set out to find all 12 living former Austin Diocese clergy members, but we were only able to make contact with Ozuna. The other 10 men on the diocese’s list are dead. 

Our search started with two addresses in downtown Austin, one in Georgetown, another in Copperas Cover, another in Waco and Ozuna’s Killeen address. 

Our search found that two former Austin Diocese members on the list have current addresses in Colorado and the other in California. One former diocese member, Father Jim Castro “Santiago” Garcia, is now an active priest in the Kingston diocese in Jamaica, according to the list published Thursday. 

Garcia was dismissed from the Austin Diocese in 2011, but was still able to be ordained in Jamaica in 2017, according to the list.