AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) signed off on the updated COVID-19 boosters from Pfizer and Moderna.

Pharmacist and Director of Clinical Services at Martin’s Wellness and Compounding Pharmacies Angela Solis spoke with KXAN News’ Jennifer Sanders for insight.

Read a full transcription of the discussion below or watch the interview in the video player above.

SANDERS: OK. You know, Monday morning, we were trying to work to set up your interview, and we were wondering if the FDA would give the green light to the new boosters. It has happened. When now do we expect those boosters to be on store shelves? And do we know a cost range yet for the boosters?

SOLIS: It’s likely to be at least next week before they actually end up on store shelves. The FDA signed off on them Monday, but there are two more steps in the approval process before they’re released by the manufacturer. First, a CDC subcommittee has to approve and make recommendations on who the most important people to get the vaccine, and then the CDC director has to sign off—only then are the manufacturers allowed to ship the vaccine to pharmacies.

SANDERS: OK, got it. Got it. OK, so anyone aged five and older, we know can get an updated booster shot. When exactly though should people get that booster, especially if they have been vaccinated?

SOLIS: So, if they’ve been vaccinated before, early guidance looks like the recommendation coming out of the CDC might be to wait at least two months since the last shot the patient got. FDA decides who can get the vaccine, but CDC decides who should get the vaccine. So, it’ll be very interesting to see what comes out of CDC in the next couple of days. They might recommend older people, for example, or infants as having higher priority than other people, or they might give a blanket “OK” and say everyone should get the new vaccine.

SANDERS: So, it’s a wait-and-see for sure. So, the FDA did ask the drug makers to formulate the fall boosters to really target a specific sub-variant. Do we know how effective this will be, especially since we’ve seen kind of a surge in recent months with COVID-19?

SOLIS: Well, the XB B 1.5 variant is what this targets. This is an entirely new vaccine. It’s different than any COVID vaccine any of you have ever gotten before. It targets specifically that variant, and it’s quite effective against that variant. However, the newest variant that is the most widespread in the United States now is the EG.5 variant. And early indications are that it’s also quite effective against that variant and another additional variant that’s still not very prevalent. So, we have high hopes that it will be effective, highly effective against the current circulating strains.

SANDERS: OK, Angela Solis, thank you so much. And I know at Martin’s wellness and compounding pharmacies, you all anticipate having those booster shots as soon as they’re completely approved.

SOLIS: We do we’ve got them pre-ordered, so as soon as the CDC gives the go-ahead to ship, we’ll be getting our shipment. We hope to have them by next week, potentially.