You can make a difference in protecting the environment and keeping Austin a clean and beautiful place to live. KXAN’s Go Green effort provides simple, everyday actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint, make our great city more sustainable in the future and help our community thrive now.

Each month, KXAN will share specific tips you can do to keep our Earth healthy and alive.

Saving the Planet in :60

How the ocean keeps us cool

The Power of Urban Trees

How is rain impacted by climate change?

Can your sprinklers go green?

Can nail polish be good for the environment?

Going Green on Mother’s Day

Climate Change and Air Quality

Going green at the grocery store

Climate Change and Mosquitoes

Going Green at Breakfast

Water conservation in the garden

How to cut down on water usage

Tips: Staying cool while outdoors

Earth Day Events in Pflugarville

Earth Day at Houston Tillotson University

How trees can keep it cool

Reusing rain for Earth Week

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