TxDOT dumping on US 290


TxDOT truck pictured backing into the dump, before dropping a load of brush and debris in November of 2017. (KXAN Photo)

TxDOT truck dumping a load of dirt and garbage over a dead deer and tire in November of 2017. KXAN later checked the pile of debris and found luggage, plastics and random trash in it. (KXAN Photo)

TxDOT worker dragging a deer out of the bed of his state issued pickup truck into the dump site in November of 2017. (KXAN Photo)

A black pool of oil left by TxDOT. When KXAN first visited the site, the oil had seeped behind the dirt and garbage and down into a drainage area. (KXAN Photo)

Dead deer discarded by TxDOT in a ravine beside the dump site in December of 2017.

Dead deer next to a pile of dirt and garbage at TxDOT dump site in December of 2017.

Four dead deer found piled at the dump site in clear view of the road. KXAN later found the deer were dragged into a drainage area, out of sight, to rot. 12/17

Bones were strewn across nearly every square yard of the dump site. In some areas, such as this, animals appear to have been collecting and feeding on roadkill for months or years. 12/17

Roadside waste and dead deer mixed together in a drainage area of the TxDOT dumping area on Jan. 18, 2018. (KXAN Photo)

Household garbage, such as this rug, was mixed into larger piles of dirt and debris dumped in the right-of-way. 01/18

On closer inspection, what appears to be piles of dirt is actually a mix of garbage, litter and roadside waste. 01/18

A completely full bag of asphalt cold patch, which can be used to repair pot holes. 01/18

One of numerous tires found discarded and half buried at the dump. 01/18

TxDOT workers in hazmat suits cleaning the dump site after KXAN began questioning environmental authorities. 01/18