PHOTOS: California’s Howard Jarvis

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Howard Jarvis, raising his clenched fist, and Paul Gann, left, lead the cheers in a downtown hotel in Los Angeles, Ca., on June 7, 1978, as their co-authored tax initiative takes the commanding lead in the voting. (AP Photo/Lennox McLendon)

California Gov. Jerry Brown, left, and Howard Jarvis, tax reformer and executive director of the California Apartment Owners' Association, one of the proponents of Proposition 13, during a news conference in Los Angeles July 19, 1978  (AP Photo/File)


Paul Gann, left, and Howard Jarvis hold up their hands as their co-authored initiative Propsition 13 takes a commanding lead in the California primary, in Los Angeles, June 7, 1978. (AP Photo)

Gov. Jerry Brown Jr., left, and tax crusader Howard Jarvis, in their first public appearance together, told a packed news conference that they favor voluntary rent control in Los Angeles, Tuesday, July 18, 1978. (AP Photo/Robbins)


Howard Jarvis, the California tax expert, met the leader of the Opposition, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, at the House of Commons in London on Monday, Dec. 18, 1978. (AP Photo/Rider)