Kite Fest through the years

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Young girl at kite tournament in 1969 (PICA 37815)

Young boy at Kite Tournament on March 8, 1970 (PICA 24588)

Kite tournament with single flying kite circa 1928 to 1938 (PICA 23873)

Winfred Gustafson and his winning kite, March 1929 (PICA 12884)

Kite tournament with a kite that reads "Buy V Bonds" on March 13, 1943. V Bonds, or Victory Bonds, were sold during WWII in order to fund the war effort. (PICA 14133)

Kite tournament with row of parked cars circa 1928 to 1938 (PICA 23872)

Kite tournament on February 27,1942 (PICA 23871)

Kite Tournament at Lamar Park in 1929 (PICA 12883)