AMARILLO, Texas (KXAN) — On Friday, music superstar Rihanna visited the Cadillac Ranch tourist attraction in Amarillo, Texas, and stirred conversation on social media after leaving behind a message for President Donald Trump.

At the ranch, which is known for featuring 10 Cadillac vehicles “buried nose-down in a field as the same angle as the Cheops Pyramid” the singer spray painted two words, one of which was Trump’s last name — the other was an “F”-word expletive.

In the Instagram post where she shared the photo, the singer of hits like “Umbrella” and “Diamonds,” left the caption “art.”, in addition to a hashtag reading “81 days.” The hashtag appears to allude to the date of the November Presidential Election.

The message was met with both support and disapproval online, with Ronny Jackson, an ex-White House doctor who recently won in the Texas House Republican Primary, tweeting: “Painting “F**k Trump” at Cadillac Ranch isn’t “art,” @rihanna, it’s total disrespect to our country.”