AUSTIN (KXAN) — If you’re looking for the best Whataburger in Texas, you probably won’t find it in Austin.

The capital city has “below-average Whataburgers,” according to a San Antonio Express-News analysis of Google data.

The newspaper looked through Google reviews for seven Texas cities with at least 20 Whataburger locations. But to be included in the analysis, the restaurants must have at least 100 ratings.

Austin has 20 Whataburger locations; 16 of them have a below average rating. The average rating of a Texas Whataburger is 4.1 stars on Google, according to Express-News. People wrote reviews about long lines, wrong orders and even cold food.

“I love Whataburger, but this is easily the worst run restaurant I have ever been to. It is no longer fast food, a 10 year old who runs a lemonade stand is more organized and efficient than this Whataburger,” said one customer review from the Whataburger on Guadalupe Street near the University of Texas campus.

The Whataburger in northeast Austin near East Parmer Lane and Dessau Road has the lowest Google rating with 3.4 stars.

It’s not all bad. Customers had good things to say about Whataburger locations in El Paso followed by Corpus Christi and San Antonio.