Buying a house? Texas realtors don’t have to tell you if it’s rumored to be haunted


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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Could your dream home be a…nightmare?

Ahead of Halloween, Zillow took a look at state-by-state analysis and found that only four U.S. states mention paranormal activity in its real estate disclosure laws: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

That’s right, Texas.

According to Zillow, in New York state, courts will rescind a home sale if the seller creates and perpetuates a reputation that the house is haunted and then takes unfair advantage of a buyer’s ignorance of the home’s ghostly reputation. For example, if you invite reality television ghost hunters to your home, then later sell your place to an unwitting buyer, a court could make that sale vanish.

In New Jersey, Zillow says, a home seller must answer truthfully if a buyer asks if a property has had any paranormal reports. But they only need to disclose this if the buyers ask.

Alternatively, states like Minnesota and Massachusetts have statutes telling sellers not to tell prospective homeowners any paranormal or supernatural activity as it may cause “stigma” or “psychological impact.”

Here in Texas, sellers also don’t even have to disclose if a death has occurred on the property.

So if you spook easily, best to do some research on a property before signing on the line!

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