AUSTIN (KXAN) — Read the letters the Travis County District Attorney and Travis County Attorney sent to Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk about an increasing number of reports that some Austin police officers are declining to investigate crimes because they say the district and county attorney’s offices will not prosecute the cases. Below, you’ll find the responses from the Austin Police Associated and APD.

Letter from Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza

Letter from Travis County Attorney Delia Garza

Response from the Austin Police Department

“The men and women of the Austin Police Department (APD) work hard each day to keep the Austin community safe. We continue to work with the Travis County Attorney and District Attorney’s Office to ensure Austin remains one of the safest cities. Our messaging to department personnel through internal communication and daily briefings, clearly and consistently directs officers to continue enforcing the law and follow all COA/APD policies. If there is an allegation that an officer has violated policy, we will investigate the matter, and hold the officer accountable, as appropriate.”

Response from the Austin City Manager

“We just received the letters from the Travis County Attorney and District Attorney,” the City of Austin wrote in a statement. “We are reviewing the information and will be in contact with both of their offices to gather more specifics on the concerns outlined in their letters. Following that, the City Manager and his executive team will work with APD leadership to determine what action may be necessary after fully reviewing the information.”

Response from the Austin Police Association