Season 4: Custodial Deaths

KXAN investigators uncover hundreds of custodial death reports filed incorrectly, leaving unanswered questions when someone dies in Texas police custody. Listen to the “Catalyst” podcast below. This standalone season is part of our “Dead & Undone” investigation. You can also listen to our previous podcast seasons on mental competency in jails, mass violence and missing persons in Texas.

S4 Trailer

Hear the custodial deaths trailer now.

S4 E1: Tired of the Roadblocks

Following a car crash, a 21-year-old man dies in a Texas jail, leaving his mother wondering if staff ignored signs of a serious injury.

S4 E2: Hurting From the Impact

We uncover recordings and documents detailing Herman Titus’ severe pain and jailers releasing him from lockdown just days before his death.

S4 E3: Get This Man to the Hospital

Video surfaces of the moments after Herman Titus collapsed in jail. WARNING: This episode depicts death, and listeners may find it disturbing.

S4 E4: Like They Have Something to Hide

Herman Titus’ mother takes her fight for police transparency before Texas lawmakers, as opponents voice their open records concerns.

S4 E5: Law Needs to Be Reformed

Texas police agencies file hundreds of custodial death reports late or incomplete, including the case of Herman Titus.

S4 Bonus: Not a Gotcha or Anti-Policing Sentiment (Analysis)

Eva Ruth Moravec of the Texas Justice Initiative speaks with KXAN’s Josh Hinkle and David Barer on custodial deaths.

S4 Update: Keep the Hope Alive

New police transparency bills are up against the clock, as Texas journalists testify about challenges with late and incomplete custodial death reports.

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