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Reflective, Harmonious INTO THE QUIET -- the Second Album Collaboration by Deborah Martin & Jill Haley

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Into The Quiet draws from internal landscapes, inspired by the idea that one must go “into the quiet” to find what is hidden inside.

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Together, Deborah Martin and Jill Haley create a sublime, pastoral and indefinable sound that is totally unique, providing warmth and comfort to the soul.

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Spotted Peccary Music of Portland, OR

Into The Quiet delves deeper into our inner lives and the vastness of empty spaces; out now on Spotted Peccary Music.

When the noise is removed, one can hear in the silence.”
— Deborah Martin
PORTLAND, OR, USA, May 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Into The Quiet is the second collaboration between electronic ambient visionary Deborah Martin and renowned English Horn player and Oboist Jill Haley. Their previous album was 2021’s The Silence Of Grace, a pastoral collection that received numerous accolades including Zone Music Reporter’s list of Top 20 albums of the year. It is available everywhere today, including these top music sites and on https://spottedpeccary.com/shop/into-the-quiet/

Once again, Martin and Haley blend electronic textures and classical instrumentation into works of rapturous calm. Whereas The Silence Of Grace was inspired by the beauty of the natural world, Into The Quiet draws from internal landscapes, inspired by the idea that one must go “into the quiet” to find what is hidden in themselves.

Across eight compositions, this duo of female artists may be uniquely qualified to demonstrate the depth and intricacies that stillness offers. “This is about the time of the sacred,” continues Martin. The music is transportive, taking the listener into “...places we all desire in our minds or our souls; to seek stillness and revel in the contemplative movements of such; this is when we can receive revelations of self, when we enter into the quiet repose of our very being.” Jill Haley adds, “To hear the music that dwells in all of us, one must go into the quiet for the sound to emerge. Only when we have space and silence, can the music be heard.”

For example, opener “Sleeping Giants” surges with choral warmth. On the title track, Into the Quiet, flute and horn wend around a warbling synth loop. “Hall of Whispers” is simultaneously melancholy and restful; harp and oboe play a shimmering duet while low textures ebb and flow like wind whistling through ruins of ancient stone.

Martin shares some of her production methods used for the album, “I recorded Jill’s English Horn, Oboe, and Concert Flute parts for the live elements to be added to the percussion and keyboard parts; no reverb or effects were used during any of the recordings, all reverbs and any effects (hardly any) were used only during the mixing; I wanted to keep as pristine and virginal as possible the actual recorded tracks.”

The album was produced and recorded by Deborah Martin at her Dreaming Edge Studio in Vancouver, WA, and mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary Studio NW in Portland, OR. The album is available in physical CD with artful gatefold packaging designed by Daniel Pipitone, as well as in 24-BIT Audiophile, CD Quality Lossless Downloads in the SpottedPeccary.com shop and on Apple Music; MP3 streaming formats can be found worldwide, and on Bandcamp at https://ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com/

For artist interviews, review copies, or promotional requests, please contact Beth Ann Hilton (beth@spottedpeccary.com).

1 Sleeping Giants 4:35
2 Falling Away From the Earth 6:23
3 Into the Quiet 8:33
4 Reaching the Ambient 4:24
5 Refuge 5:09
6 Hall of Whispers 5:37
7 Elements 4:11
8 Violet Night 4:27

Music Smartlink: https://orcd.co/into-the-quiet
Spotted Peccary Album Page: https://spottedpeccary.com/shop/into-the-quiet/
Bandcamp: https://ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spottedpeccary/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spottedpeccary

About Deborah Martin:
A top-selling award-winning artist on the Spotted Peccary Music label, Deborah Martin continues pursuing her passion of exploring the depths of thematic composition through the process of creative layering of structured studio recorded compositions and live recordings of instruments, blending them into a world of ambient electronic expression. Her music sensibilities enable her to combine scenic melodies, rich symphonic sounds and rhythmic structures to recreate the delicate balance of life in its many surroundings. Deborah's releases include Under the Moon, Deep Roots Hidden Water, Ancient Power, Convergence, Tibet, Anno Domini, Between Worlds, Etched Into Memory (EP), Eye of the Wizard, The Silence Of Grace, Hemispherica Portalis (Portal of 1000 Years), and Chaos In Premonition. (DeborahMartinMusic.com)

About Jill Haley:
Jill is an oboist, English horn player, pianist and composer who visits National Parks in the United States, often as an Artist-in-Residence, and composes music about the Park while living there. She is an accomplished symphonic orchestra player, teacher, and church musician. Jill continues to appear as a guest artist on recordings done at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Roads Studio; many of her recordings on English horn and Oboe were recorded by Corin Nelsen and Tom Eaton. Jill’s releases include Glacier Landscapes, Zion and Bryce Canyon Soundscapes, National Park Soundscapes, Mesa Verde Soundscapes, The Waters of Glacier, The Winds of Badlands, The Forests and Shores of Acadia, Wrapped In Light, The Canyons and Mesas of Bandelier, and The Silence Of Grace. (jillhaley.com)

About Spotted Peccary Music:
Portland-based Spotted Peccary Music is North America’s finest independent record label with a focus on deep, vast and introspective soundscapes. For over three decades, the artists of Spotted Peccary have been on a mission to develop, produce, publish and release ultra-high-quality, deep-listening experiences that engage the listener and exceed expectations. Every release is carefully prepared in a variety of high-quality formats from MP3 to high-res studio masters. Explore more than 170 titles and 45 artists released over 37 years of excellence at www.SpottedPeccary.com and www.AmbientElectronic.com.

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Album preview: Into The Quiet by Deborah Martin and Jill Haley

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