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Round Infinity, A No-Code Software Platform, Powers Industry Push to Digitalization Without Any Software Development

No-Code Total Experience (TX) Automation Software Platform

No-Code Total Experience (TX) Automation Software Platform

The world's 1st no-code software platform for end-to-end digitalization of any use case, from transaction to service & everything in between.

MIDDLETOWN, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Round Infinity, https://www.roundinfinity.com, the world's 1st no-code software platform for end-to-end digitalization of any use case, today announced a major version of its software platform.

"With the growing scarcity of engineering talent & backlog of digital projects, brands are struggling to digitalize their use cases & quickly deliver an end-to-end & contextual digital experience across channels. 85% of brands' customers, employees & partners need smarter self-service to complete their work. But, the broken journeys caused by the Frankenstein system are preventing companies from meeting their digitalization needs. According to Forrester, the US alone will have a deficit of over 500,000 software developers. Companies of all sizes need a no-code software platform that allows instant digitalization of use cases." said Bhavesh Bhammar, Founder & CEO at Round Infinity, Inc.

Trusted by 500+ companies, Round Infinity is a unified no-code Total Experience (TX) automation software platform. Round Infinity clients use its out-of-box business applications in combination with capabilities to create no-code custom business applications, AI-powered decisioning, and workflow automation to solve their most pressing business challenges - from executing transactions to enabling self-service to personalize engagement to automating service to streamlining operations.

A use case could be anything like accepting & fulfilling orders from an online store, automating your procurement process with suppliers, automating your contact center responses to reduce costs, enabling your field service employees to capture data without the internet, onboarding an employee, allowing users to book appointments, approving a travel expense claim, or billing your customers in stores, etc. This end-to-end digitalization of use cases on one platform will ultimately drive revenue for organizations, break silos, save on license costs of disparate software, allow adaptation to change, reduce integration challenges, delight customers, empower employees, and reduce operational and custom software development costs of companies by more than 70%.

“Behind every great customer, employee or partner digital self-service experience is a great journey, & Round Infinity is designed from the ground up to deliver end-to-end customized journeys on one platform, without any software coding. Round Infinity contextually integrates AI-powered out-of-box apps, no-code custom apps you configure & data from your existing systems, for teams to digitalize any use case & unite around the customer using a 360 view.”, said Bhavesh Bhammar.

Round Infinity's out-of-box apps & pre-developed workflows include capabilities across online commerce, point-of-sale, marketing automation, contact center automation, omnichannel service automation, procurement, field service, appointments, payments collection, sales automation, expense claims, e-signatures, etc. These pre-built workflows & capabilities ensure companies can quickly offer digital self-service for the broadest possible range of use cases across the customer, employee, or partner lifecycle.

However, companies also need custom applications along with these out-of-box applications to digitalize their end-to-end journeys. In Round Infinity, these pre-built experiences are by default contextually integrated with the custom apps & workflows that you would configure on it & are available across all your users' touchpoints and devices - website, mobile app, IVR, voice bots, online store, point-of-sale, call center, WhatsApp, email, SMS, field service, retail/branches, stores, etc.

With Round Infinity, brands innovate and develop effortless digital customer, employee & partner experiences up to 40x faster. Companies can get started with the digitalization of their use cases in minutes by simply registering at https://www.roundinfinity.com/getstarted.html. The pricing of Round Infinity is by usage, so there is no CAPEX or large investments required to be made, https://www.roundinfinity.com/pricing.html.

For more information about Round Infinity, please visit https://www.roundinfinity.com or send an email to support@roundinfinity.com

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