SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — It’s been four days since Tropical Storm Hilary went through the San Diego-Tijuana region with winds clocked at up to 40 miles per hour that knocked down power lines and poles south of the border.

Several areas in Tijuana lost power, and while most have had service restored, some were still without electricity as of Thursday morning.

Resident Roberto Martínez told the El Sol Newspaper of Tijuana that his San Antonio de los Buenos neighborhood went dark at about 8 p.m. Sunday.

Martínez said while most have seen their power come back, he and some neighbors are still waiting for their service to be restored.

“There’s about 50 houses and a few small markets on our street that remain impacted,” he said. “Those stores have lost a lot of merchandise because of the power outage.”

Martínez said he’s also had to throw away a lot of items he had in his refrigerator.

“We have called the electric commission several times. However, they say they are working on it and we should have service within 72 hours. We’re still waiting,” he said.

On Monday, people in charge of the electricity commission said that 71 percent of Hilary-related outages had been fixed and service restored.

Tijuana City Manager Catalino Zavala Márquez said they have received complaints from residents and are waiting on updates from the utility provider about progress made to get everyone affected by the storm back online.