SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Tijuana’s downtown, a popular stop among tourists, remains the most unsafe area in the city, according to statistics released by Baja California’s Secretary of Public Safety.

Numbers also show half of autos stolen in the city are taken from this neighborhood, with the bulk of vehicles pilfered between 8 and 11 p.m.

So far this year, through the month of September, almost 5,000 cars have been stolen citywide.

Home burglaries and store robberies have increased by 6 percent in the downtown area, and according to the state’s crime figures, vandalism and destruction of private property are also slightly up.

But homicides in Tijuana, overall, are down when compared to last year.

Through the first nine months of 2023, just over 1,400 homicides had been documented, putting the city on track for about 1,880 for the year.

In 2022, there were 2,058 homicides reported in the city, with 1,973 for the previous year.