TIJUANA (Border Report) — With the 4th of July weekend fast approaching, police in Tijuana have announced additional patrols and extra security in areas frequented by visitors in Tijuana and other areas in Northern Baja California.

“We’re paying close attention to points where we know American tourists go during holidays,” Fernando Sánchez González, head of the Secretary of Municipal Public Protection. “We’ll be in the beach areas, restaurant zones, Avenica Revolución and the Rio Zone, working in specific areas.

Sánchez González stated officers will also pay attention to traffic flows and congestion generated by an additional wave of visits.

“We are boosting security, we’ll be in constant communication with national defense forces, we’re all working to avoid violent outbursts that we’ve seen recently.”

During the July 4th holiday, Baja tourism officials are expecting up to a 50 percent increase in visitors when compared to an average day or an estimated 70,000 additional tourists.