Violent Crimes

KXAN’s investigation found numerous cases of law enforcement officials charged with violent crimes, including aggravated assault, domestic violence and deadly conduct. In most cases the officers made plea agreements that included the permanent surrender of their peace officer license, and they were not sentenced to prison.

Ken Wayne Yowman
Jefferson Co. Constable Pct. 8

(Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

Incident date: May 8, 2017
Initial charge: Official oppression (Class A misdemeanor)
Plea bargain: Yes, pleaded guilty to official oppression (Class A misdemeanor)
Punishment: Community supervision for one year, $500 fine, permanent surrender of peace officer license. Deferred adjudication satisfied and case dismissed Aug. 22, 2018, according to Jefferson County District Clerk’s Office.
Narrative: The victim alleged law enforcement used a stun gun against him while he was walking near a Port Arthur apartment complex and the peace officer, later identified as Yowman, drove away. According to Yowmans TCOLE records: “Yowman failed to arrest Taylor, see to his medical needs, or note the use of force in an offense report in a timely manner. During the investigation evidence was found to corroborate [the victim’s] account. This evidence included video surveillance from the apartment complex showing what [the victim] described. It is the belief of the affiant that Ken Yowman, a public servant, acting under the color of office intentionally subjected Taylor to mistreatment. Taylor received bodily injury as a result of being tased and falling to the ground as a result of being tased.”
Darial Engels Gass
Harris County Constable Pct. 6

Arrest date: May 2, 2014
Initial charge: Deadly conduct (felony)
Plea bargain: Yes, pleaded guilty to deadly conduct (third-degree felony)
Punishment: Deferred adjudication, community supervision for two years, permanent surrender of peace officer license. Community supervision satisfied and early termination of deferred adjudication granted on Feb. 17, 2017.
Narrative: Gass, a reserve deputy constable, fired his gun and waved his badge at CenterPoint Energy workers trimming trees away from power lines in Northwest Houston. One worker begged for his life during the incident, according to court records and news report.
Paul Gregory Bauer
Dallas Police Department

Incident date: Sept. 5, 2010
Initial charge: Aggravated assault by public servant (first-degree felony) and official oppression
Plea bargain: Yes, pleaded guilty to one count of assault, a Class A misdemeanor
Punishment: Deferred adjudication, community supervision for two years, $500 fine and permanent surrender of peace officer license. Case dismissed following probation.
Narrative: Bauer and other officers pursued a man riding his motorcycle in Dallas. The cyclist appeared to be evading. Once stopped, officers punched and beat the motorcyclist with batons. One officer moved a camera so it would not film the altercation, according to court records, footage of the incident and new reports.

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