Corruption Cases

KXAN uncovered dozens of charges of corruption filed against Texas peace officers over the past four years. Charges against the officers included perjury, bribery, tampering with evidence, official oppression and abuse of official capacity, among others.

Brian Encinia
Texas Department of Public Safety

(Texas Department of Public Safety)

Indictment date: Jan. 6, 2016
Initial charge: Perjury, Class A misdemeanor
Plea bargain: Yes, license permanently surrendered as part of resolution to perjury case
Punishment: No jail, case dismissed as part of plea agreement with permanent surrender of peace officer license
Narrative: Encinia made a false statement under oath related to the traffic stop of Sandra Bland. Encinia said he made Bland exit her vehicle to further conduct a safe traffic stop investigation, which was false. Encinia removed Bland from her vehicle because he was angry she would not put out her cigarette, according to the indictment. Bland died in jail days later, and her death was classified as a suicide.

Termaine Aaron Elliott
Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

(Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)

Offense date: July 31, 2015
Initial charge: Bribery (second-degree felony) and possession of controlled substance in a correctional facility
Plea bargain: Yes, pleaded “no contest / guilty”
Punishment: No jail, 10-years probation, $950 fine, permanent surrender of peace officer license
Narrative: Elliott took bribes in exchange for smuggling contraband into the Bexar County Adult Detention Center, according to court records and news reports.
Douglas Varnard Campbell
Fort Worth Police Department

(Texas Department of Public Safety)

Incident date: Sept. 26, 2016
Initial charge: False ID as a police officer (Class B misdemeanor)
Plea bargain: Yes, pleaded guilty
Punishment: 180 days in jail, 12 months of probation, permanent surrender of peace officer license
Narrative: Campbell was suspended from FWPD in 2012 for allegations of domestic assault. He was suspended again in 2013 for inappropriate conduct. He was also accused in 2013 by two women of sexual misconduct and assault, and FWPD fired him that year. Campbell was later caught impersonating a police officer in 2016: he had claimed to be an active police officer after being pulled over for speeding, according to TCOLE records, his FWPD personnel file and news reports.
Ashley E. Ramirez
Ropesville Police Department

Arrest date: May 29, 2015
Initial charge: Abuse of official capacity (felony), tampering with evidence (felony), theft of firearm
Plea bargain: Yes, pleaded guilty to one count of false tax exemption
Punishment: : One day in jail, $282 in court costs, permanent surrender of peace officer license, according to the Hockley County Clerk’s Office.
Narrative: Ramirez was accused of several crimes, including tampering with evidence for concealing a guns from being used as evidence. Ramirez was also accused of pawning guns that were evidence in a criminal case, according to news reports.

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