AUSTIN (KXAN) — A man who has filmed racial injustice protests in Austin for several months says protesters assaulted him and broke his equipment at a march on Saturday.

Hiram Garcia was streaming the march in southeast Austin live on his Facebook page when he was confronted by protesters.

Footage posted on Garcia’s Facebook page Hiram Gilberto shows a woman with a bullhorn appearing to shout at Garcia, telling him to leave.

The group then appears to surround him. The sound of people shouting can be heard towards the end of the stream, and the camera appears to fall to the ground before the stream stops.

It is not clear which group or organization was behind the protest, but earlier in the video Garcia speculated it could be the Mike Ramos Brigade, a local group formed after Austin man Mike Ramos was shot dead by an Austin Police Department officer in April.

“The Mike Ramos Brigade, if it is the Mike Ramos Brigade, isn’t very friendly with me,” Garcia said, adding that he wasn’t sure what group was marching.

A Facebook post on Garcia’s page said that police and EMS medics were called to the scene and Garcia was taken to a hospital. There is no word on his injuries.

“Today during our broadcast Hiram was assaulted and had all of his equipment destroyed and taken (not confirmed),” the post read.

“We don’t condone anything that has happened today, and outright denounce any actions anyone may take to try and retaliate or seek vigilante justice,” it continued.

The post was flooded with comments, with most in support of Garcia.

“That video was so frightening,” one person wrote. “Hiram was perfectly respectable as always to everyone.”

Garcia has been a regular face at protests and rallies in Austin since May. He describes himself as an independent journalist and is not linked to any media organization.