AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Wednesday night, Austin police said at least 11 people were arrested during protests organized after a Kentucky grand jury declined to charge two of the three officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s shooting death.


In the immediate minutes after the outcome, protests against the decision to be held in Austin were announced on social media.

The “Justice for Breonna Taylor – Solidarity with Louisville” protest started at Austin City Hall at 7 p.m. The event’s announcement reads:

“ATX- Given the short notice, there is an autonomous action in solidarity with Louisville tonight at 7 p.m.,” the tweet reads. “No specific organizers or group. We all work together. Share!”

Organizers with the Mike Ramos Brigade were also expected to be at Austin City Hall at 7 p.m. to support justice for Taylor, according to a Facebook event. Ramos was shot and killed by an Austin police officer in April.


On Wednesday night, Austin police arrested several people, according to officers on scene. KXAN crews near Brazos and East 4th Street said they saw protesters in zip ties being directed into an Austin Police Department vehicle.

APD confirmed to KXAN that 11 protesters were booked as of Wednesday night. All were arrested for class B and C misdemeanors, like obstructing a highway.

No injuries were reported, APD said.

On Thursday, APD released more details about those arrested during the protests. Many of them were arrested around East 4th Street, and they range in age from 19 to 41.

They’re charged with things like obstructing highway passage and city ordinance violations. Only one was arrested for allegedly evading arrest.

The arrests happened between 7 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. Wednesday.


Protester Dirick Wiley, who was at Austin City Hall, said the outcome the grand jury brought forth was really disappointing.

“I think that was just really an insult, really to the family… it is what it is, so we just have to keep protesting every day,” he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Austin Justice Coalition’s Cofounder Chas Moore sat down with KXAN at 4:30 p.m. to discuss the decisions made in Kentucky.

“I think many Black Americans were hoping for a different outcome… but I think this is par for the course on how the justice system reacts to these types of situations,” he said.

Moore said he hopes these situations are fuel for more people to get involved and fight for a more equal world. He said he’s proud of protesters hitting the streets Wednesday night and hopes everyone stays safe.

“Show people that we will not forget Breonna Taylor, even though the justice system has,” he said.

Wiley explained that everyone banding together, almost like family, makes coping with the outcome a little easier.

Another Justice for Breonna Taylor protest was scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Texas Capitol, with the announcement noting “Silence is Violence” and “No Good Cops.”