AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Police use of force videos recorded during protests are not going to be released yet.

The Austin Police Department said Friday their release depends on whether or not the cases will be brought to a grand jury. That decision is up to the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, which hasn’t made a choice yet.

APD said it’s the department’s policy for videos in its possession related to “critical incidents involving APD” to be released to the public within 60 days of the incident. That’s unless Chief Brian Manley says a delay is needed to take care of “investigative, prosecutorial or privacy interests.”

For those reasons, on July 15, the department said the video would not be released in that 60-day time frame, because it could impact active investigations.

APD said the district attorney’s office hasn’t made a final decision for each of the cases, and they remain under investigation by police and the office.