AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin City Limits Music Festival starts this weekend, and thousands of festival-goers are expected to come to the Live Music Capital of the World.

Vacation rental company Airbnb said the 2022 ACL Festival brought over $10 million in revenue to hosts in Austin. This was generated by about 20,000 guests.

The average guest spent about $250 per day in Austin at shops, restaurants and bars, according to Airbnb’s survey of guests.

In 2022, the festival brought about $448 million into the Austin economy. Since 2006, ACL has generated about $3 billion for the Austin economy.

Where are festival-goers coming from?

Several top origin cities for Airbnb guests during ACL are in Texas. These include people from Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and even Austin locals.

Outside of the Lone Star State, many ACL-goers and Airbnb-stayers came from Denver, Seattle, New York City, Chicago and San Diego.

Here’s the 10 most popular cities that ACL guests are coming from:

  1. Houston
  2. Dallas
  3. San Antonio
  4. Austin
  5. Denver
  6. Seattle
  7. New York City
  8. Chicago
  9. San Diego
  10. Fort Worth

In 2022, Airbnb said the top cities that people came from also included Los Angeles, San Francisco and El Paso.

Airbnb said Austin was its sixth most popular city for guest check-ins last year.