AUSTIN (KXAN) — As fans began trickling out of Zilker Park toward the end of Austin City Limits Day 1, the festival said they should expect long lines for its complementary shuttle.

“Due to limited shuttle bus availability, we will experience longer than expected wait times from Zilker Park to Republic Square Park,” tweeted the festival. “We encourage fans exiting the park to utilize other methods of transportation – rideshare, Cap Metro from Lamar Blvd, Hike & Bike Trail, etc.”

That afternoon, lines of people had waited several hours for a shuttle to take them to the festival from the downtown park.

According to ACL’s website, the complimentary shuttles were supposed to start running at noon Friday. The festival start was pushed back to 3 p.m. due to rain, but it’s unclear if that impacted the bus schedule.

Viewers on Friday reported to KXAN the shuttle line wrapped around Republic Square Park, and festival organizers suggested to call a rideshare service or use a scooter instead.

Seth and Diana Dunnam were a couple of those people waiting eagerly to board a bus at Republic Square.

“I guess this year, the line got backed up… I guess there’s not as many shuttles, or they’re just not coming as often,” Seth said.

He said this isn’t what he’s experienced in the past. He said, usually, the process goes quickly, and you’re able to get to the festival without trouble.

“It’s honestly the easiest way to get in, but this time around, I guess not,” said Seth.

KXAN’s own Digital Reporter Grace Reader was waiting to get on a bus for an hour, she tweeted at 3:43 p.m. She didn’t board a bus until nearly another hour after that tweet, waiting just under two hours total at Republic Square Park.

ACL Fest organized the shuttles, which pick up at the corner of Fifth and San Antonio Streets. Passengers will be dropped off outside the Barton Springs West Festival Entrance, and there is also return service back to Republic Square Park.

Face masks are required to ride the shuttles, and health documentation, such as proof of full vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test, will be checked before passengers can get on.

Capital Metro said it doesn’t operate the ACL shuttles, and this is the first year it’s not involved in the shuttle system. It says its most direct routes from its own services to Zilker Park are 3, 4, 30 and 803.