AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin City Limits Music Festival continues to add to its long list of sustainable practices.

A new addition to 2022 is reusable orange cups provided by TURN. TURN is a reusable cup system for events and businesses. You’ll find these bright orange cups at any area within Zilker Park that sells drinks through Weekend Two of ACL. The goal in mind is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills.

The process is simple. When a concertgoer is done with their drink, you will then return it to a designated smart bin. From there they eventually get washed before reusing again.

Before ACL Fest, TURN reusable cups were launched for the first time at Lollapalooza Music Festival. The system was a success with a 93% return rate for its cups.

Its research showed the best way to incentivize people to return the most cups was if consumers were rewarded. Through its software, it will be able to track how many cups you have successfully returned. Be on the lookout for a prize at ACL if you end up returning a few of these this weekend.

ACL Fest’s sustainable practices don’t stop there. Festival organizers continue to purchase carbon credits to reduce their footprint. They work with an organization called Cool Effect, a nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals, organizations and businesses of all sizes reduce their carbon offset emissions.

When it comes to parking, ACL has partnered with Pavemint parking — a service that saves festival goers not only time and money but reduces their carbon footprint.

When it comes to food, expect compostable flatware. ACL Fest has also partnered with GrubTubs, a food scrap program that repurposes food waste into animal feed.

They also have an 18-years-and-counting collaboration with Austin Parks Foundation — a partnership that has generated over $48 million for Austin’s parks, trails and green spaces.

Austin Parks Foundation helps with keeping festival attendees safe and hydrated with filtered water, managing hydration stations placed in the park which in return further divert thousands of plastic bottles from landfills.

Austin Parks Foundation CEO Colin Wallis said they have volunteers on site that not only do the composting for festival food but are also there to teach festival goers about what can go into a compost versus a recycling bin or a trash can.

Austin Parks Foundation is responsible for leading Rock & Recycle, a program that encourages festival attendees to pick up a bag of recyclables from the grounds in exchange for a festival lineup t-shirt.

“Typically on a given year, we will get about 4,000 trash bags of aluminum cans that get sent to the right place, the recycling plant,” Wallis said.