AUSTIN (KXAN) — With thousands of visitors coming to Austin for Austin City Limits Music Festival this weekend, you could see higher rideshare prices and longer waits to get picked up.

Riley Fuller, who is from Austin, flew back home on Thursday. He said prices had already started to increase for an Uber home.

“I would say it is 30-40% more expensive than normal,” said Fuller, who ended up canceling his ride and getting a taxi, because it was faster.

During ACL, Fuller said he tries to stay away from the crowds.

“You know on a weekend like this, I will definitely change my social plans,” said Fuller. “I won’t get Uber to places, and I won’t go downtown.”

While Fuller stays away, there will be many who will be right in the thick of it all, but getting to and from ACL can get expensive.

“We will pay whatever to get home,” said a woman waiting on her Uber. “I mean it sucks having to pay more, but if it comes down to that being the only option, then we are forced to roll with it.”

Surge pricing happens when rider demand is higher than driver supply. Uber told KXAN big events like ACL can sometimes lead to longer wait times and surge pricing, but it plans to take additional steps to get more drivers on the road.

“We are expecting some Uber cancelations depending on the area,” said a woman waiting on her Uber. “Especially leaving from the festival.”

Wridz, a new Austin-based rideshare company, said getting around in central Austin this weekend could be difficult. 

“It could be just a matter of playing the field and seeing which rideshare is going to be available,” said Wridz CEO Steve Wright.

Wridz will be sending out notifications to their drivers to get them to drive during the big weekends ahead. One thing you will notice with Wridz is no surge pricing. 

“We don’t do surge pricing,” said Wright. “We have heard horror stories. It cost me $30 to get one place and $100 to get home, so we took surge pricing out.”

Wridz said the prices you see one day will be almost the same the next.

“We are very consistent with pricing,” said Wright. “If you go someplace today, and it is $10 bucks, it will be $10 bucks or within a few cents tomorrow.”

A spokesperson for Lyft told KXAN it is seeing the demand for rides outpace the number of available drivers.