AUSTIN (KXAN) — Weekend Two of Austin City Limits Music Festivals is underway.

During the first weekend of the festival, the Austin Police Department received 11 theft reports. This includes five reports of people stealing from individuals and six reports of theft or burglary from vehicles.

During both weekends in 2022, APD received 16 reports similar to these. In 2021, police received 27 theft reports, according to APD.

If your phone or another item is stolen at ACL, festivalgoers should call 311 or report the theft online at

Before ACL began, APD gave advice to prevent thefts at the festival.

  • Take down your phone’s serial number ahead of the weekend and keep that number in a safe place at home. This can help APD track it down more easily if it does get stolen.
  • Keep valuables in different places on your person. This way, for example, if your phone is in a purse, but your ID is in a fanny pack, only one of those items would be gone if either gets taken.
  • Don’t keep your phone in a back pocket

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