Launched in 2011, “State of Texas” is the only statewide, network-affiliated show focused solely on Texas politics. Produced at KXAN in Austin and seen in 14 markets, the weekly program that airs Sundays at 8:30 a.m. CT before “Meet The Press” gives viewers greater perspective on the Texas Legislature and elections. It has been honored three times with the national Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism in 2015 for coverage of the women’s health debate, in 2017 for an exposé on border security funding, and in 2019 for an investigation into financial questions surrounding Texas’ oil and gas regulators. The show has also earned seven consecutive Emmys as the Best Political Program in Texas.


Walter Cronkite Awards

  • 2019 – State of Texas: Oil Empire
  • 2017 – State of Texas: Border Splurge
  • 2015 – State of Texas: Women’s Health Debate

    Lone Star Emmys

  • 2019 – State of Texas: Mothers Erased (Politics Program)
  • 2018 – State of Texas: TxTag Troubles (Politics Program)
  • 2017 – State of Texas: Guns on Campus (Politics Program)
  • 2016 – State of Texas: Emergency Flood Funding (Politics Program)
  • 2015 – State of Texas: Women’s Health Debate (Politics Program)
  • 2014 – State of Texas: Special Session (Politics Program)
  • 2013 – State of Texas: West Explosion (Politics Program)
  • Edward R. Murrow Awards

  • 2017 – State of Texas: Emergency Flood Funding
  • State of Texas: Bargaining the Badge

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    State of Texas: Texas leaders vow to fight Biden’s gun control proposals

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    State of Texas: Medical emergency leads to insulin price cap bill

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    State of Texas: New push to expand access to medical marijuana

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