Rockport residents seek shelter with Austin family, friends

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- Homeowners in Rockport made their way to Austin Friday, to seek shelter and safety with family members and friends.

Frank and Barbara McKay left the coastal city around 9 a.m. and drove nearly four hours to Austin, to seek safety with their daughter's family.

Although they were happy to make the trip safely to meet loved ones, the couple is concerned about what may happen to their retirement home, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

"We've had three good years, hopefully, we'll get some more," said Frank McKay.

Shortly after they arrived in Austin Friday afternoon, the power at their Rockport home went out, disabling the security cameras that had been monitoring the storm and its damage at the house.

"We were hoping to watch the hurricane come in, be able to see whether the water's rising, the trees are getting knocked down," added McKay. "We grew up in Florida, so we've seen quite a few of them come through there."

Harvey is not the first hurricane experience for the McKay family.

"We know how to pack a car in no time flat, you know, we know what to leave behind and we know what to take. You can't take it all," explained Barbara McKay.

Only their most precious memories, keepsakes and family photographs became the priority as they packed up what little they could before making the trip.

"We'd feel very, very badly if something happened to some of these. They really do mean a lot to us," said Barbara.

"Televisions, computers, all that stuff, who cares. We can somehow survive without it," added Frank.

Although they are anxiously awaiting what damage may greet them when they return home, the McKays say they realize living on the coast comes with a price.

"The Texas coast -- this is the risk you take. So, we knew that when we bought the house," said Frank. "We just hope for the best."

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