Tips for Keeping a Pet Pig

We started out the show with something to squeal about -- a piggy in the studio! But, we actually have some important information from Central Texas Pig Rescue to share with you as well. Dan Illescas dropped by with more. Pigs are adorable and easy to fall in love with, but the upkeep might make you think twice. There are some special considerations for keeping a pet pig. They need a large outside space - usually about 500 sq ft per pig. Pigs don't regulate their body temperatures like humans do, so having a bit of cool mud for them to wallow in is necessary. Another thing to consider is that Central Texas Pig Rescue recommends you don't bring in a pig if you have dogs at home. Since pigs are prey animals and dogs are natural predators, there can oftentimes be problems even when they've grown up together. But, just like other pets, it's very important to spay and neuter pigs, and to find a specialty veterinarian that works with pigs if you choose to keep one as a pet. Find out more about the organization at, or catch up with them through social media. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram at Central Texas Pig Rescue.


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