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For the Love of Aging

Family Eldercare, a local leading expert on supporting seniors and adults with disabilities, needs your support as they enter 35 years of serving the Greater Austin Area. "I didn't want to live like this anymore if this was the way it was going to be. People need to know that there is help out there. Life can be good again. I still have a lot to give!" This was the reflection of Ruth, a senior who became desperate for the services of Family Eldercare. After working her entire life, Ruth envisioned her senior years in retirement and aging in place in her own home. She had worked very hard in a career doing real estate arbitrations, but despite her knowledge of real estate law, she tragically lost her home. Thankfully, family opened their doors. But several years later, when her 97-year-old sister began suffering from the late stages of Alzheimer's, Ruth found herself anxiously looking for affordable housing. Like many seniors have to do, she reluctantly moved in with a roommate to assist in sharing expenses.

Ruth is hesitant to talk about it, but admitted her new roommate was slowly becoming abusive toward her. In her small frame, Ruth knew she wouldn't be able to sustain the abuse and was desperate to find an affordable apartment. All apartments within her income had up to a six-year waiting list! As the abuse escalated, Ruth didn't know where to turn, so she simply left. She found herself living out of her car, with her small dog, Joy . . . in the excruciating Texas heat of July. "I had worked my whole life," commented Ruth, "and it was very humbling to find myself homeless. I was living out of my car spending days just trying to find shade to keep me and Joy cool."

Ruth's situation was critical and Bridget, a case manager in Family Eldercare's Money Management Program, found her way into Ruth's life. With care and knowledge from Bridget, and the assistance of Best Single Source Plus (BSS+), Ruth was able to find temporary housing as well as assistance with covering the expenses of immediate medical needs. Bridget also connected Ruth with Family Eldercare's Housing and Community Services Program, where Ruth ultimately found permanent housing at Lyons Gardens, a 53-unit low-income senior housing complex owned by Family Eldercare. Ruth expressed her feelings. "There are almost no words to express how grateful I am. Stress had consumed me and (Family) Eldercare has been able to assist me so that I can focus on healing. I have no words for their kindness."

Help Family Eldercare support our seniors and adults with disabilities, allowing them to thrive all year long! The harsh reality is that so many of our seniors and adults with disabilities have lost so much, but let your gift show that no one, regardless of age or disability, should have to be alone. Support seniors like Ruth through your donation at, call 512.450.0844, or mail your check to: 1700 Rutherford Lane, Austin, Texas 78754.


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