Love, Soul Food, and a Nubian Queen

Not just at Thanksgiving, but year round, you can find Lola Stephens-Bell spreading the love with her delicious cooking, and her huge heart.

She puts the soul in soul food at her East Austin restaurant Nubian Queen...and she puts hot delicious food into the mouths of some of Austin's hungry and homeless.

I am so lucky I got to spend some time with her to watch her carrying out her life's purpose, bite by bite.

And we also got to have Lola here in studio today to cook for us! She made a traditional Cajun dish called catfish couvillion!

Nubian Queen Lola's restaurant is located at 1815 Rosewood Avenue.

Call 512-474-5652 for more information, or go to

You can donate to help her feed the homeless by donating at:   

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