Handzies: Keeping clean on the go

There are a zillion reasons to wash your hands throughout the day, and while some of us use sanitizers, sprays and wipes as an alternative, it's true nothing beats good old fashioned soap and water. But when you're on the go, that's not always a choice. 

Karen Trenk is owner and founder of Handzies, she brought us more information. Handzies are indivually packaged wipes made with natural soap, water and essential oils.

Karen gave us pros and cons of various cleaners that you might use when you're on the go. The first group we reviewed were gels, sprays and foams, and these don't have any type of wipe that can remove dirt from the surface of the skin. Gels, sprays and foam use a chemical approach to sanitize your skin. Most of gels, sprays and foams use one of two things, either BZK or Ethyl Alcohol.

Gels, Sprays and Foams Pros:
  • These do kill germs
  • They come in different sizes
Gels, Sprays and Foams Cons:
  • Many people do not like the harsh chemicals (especially for kids).
  • The alcohol content is more than a shot of whiskey!
  • Many schools do not allow alcohol based sanitizers.
  • The smell is pretty strong antiseptic-y
  • Chemicals will aggravate sensitive skin or cuts
Chemical-Based Wipe Pros:
  • There is something that can remove surface dirt and impurities
  • They do come in different sizes and even individually packaged so portable
Chemical-Based Wipe Cons:
  • If you don't like the harsh chemicals, you'd have the same concerns about the ingredients as you would with the first group.
  • Because of the ingredients, you'd only want to use these on your hands
  • Often leave a sticky/tacky residue that many people do not care for. Especially if they are about to eat.
Classic/Baby Wipes Pros:
  • These do not contain any alcohol or BZK.
  • They do have a wipe that you could use on more than your hands
Classic/Baby Wipes Cons:
  • The challenge with these is that you have to be willing to take the whole package with you.
  • It's not easy to just tuck one into a lunchbox or your purse.
  • You have to be careful to close the package securely as they dry out pretty quickly.
Handzies Pros:
  • Made with soap, water & essential oils
  • These do not contain any alcohol or BZK.
  • A wipe that you could use on more than your hands
  • Portable - fits into purses & lunchboxes
  • Always fresh

Handzies wanted to provide an experience closer to our good friend soap and water, but make it portable enough you could easily take one or two with you and know it would always be fresh. Handzies use a blend of pure castile (olive oil based) soap and essential oils like tea tree so they won't sting your skin or leave any sort of sticky/tacky residue. Their customers like to put these in kids lunchboxes, backpacks, keep them in their purse, tuck in your pocket when out running or biking, etc. so they can get themselves cleaned up on the go without worrying that what they are putting on their skin might be worse for them than what they are trying to get off.  You can find Handzies at local retailers around Austin or purchase them online. Go to handzies.com for more details.


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