WATCH: Tow truck driver takes Nissan GT-R for joyride

HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC/KXAN) -- When you own a $110,000 supercar, you're probably not going to let anyone drive it. In Brian Montgomery's case, he didn't even know anyone had driven it until after the fact.

"It's an exotic sports car," he says to KPRC in Houston of his Nissan GT-R. "It can go zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds. It's an extremely fun car to drive, put it that way."

On Sunday, the car started acting up, so Montgomery had it towed to a Nissan dealership. Or so he thought.

"I called the dealership on Monday around noon and asked if they had a chance to look at it, and they said, 'Your car is not here,'" Montgomery said.

The tow truck company, Royal Towing LLC, explained to Montgomery that their driver brought the car to their lot because the Nissan dealership wasn't open on Sunday but they were in the process of transferring the car to the dealership.

Montogomery didn't think anything of it until he decided to take a look at the video from inside his car—which is equipped with a sophisticated system that records video, audio, speeds and GPS every time the car is turned on. In the video, a person can be seen driving the supercar at a high rate of speed through various neighborhoods.

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