VIDEO: Alleged bank robber runs past reporter during live shot

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KXAN) - A small-market Minnesota reporter got a lesson in breaking news Monday as the subject he was reporting on ran right past him.

KIMT reporter Adam Sallet received the cue that he was live during the station's noon broadcast when a man ran out of the bank behind him. Sallet, oblivious to the man rushing towards him, began his report.

"That guy right there," the man, who is a bank employee, tells Sallet as he runs past. Sallet, confused, eventually realizes what's happening and exclaims "Oh, that's the robber."

Flustered, but remembering he's broadcasting to many KIMT viewers, Sallet explains that he must end his report to call 911.

Turns out, the robbery happened the day before and the suspect may have returned to the scene. Sallet explained later in the broadcast he saw the man walking around before his live shot acting suspicious and thought nothing of it.

Lucky for him, and us, the attentive bank employee did, and produced a memorable moment in live television.


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