WATCH: Man sprays people with wasp spray, swings machete at airport

NBC News - NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (NBC News) - Horrifying airport security footage obtained by the New Orleans Advocate shows a security line descending into chaos as a man sprayed wasp spray on passengers and then swung at people with a machete.

This video shows the first moments of the 2015 rampage at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

The attacker can be seen at the top of the frame. He calmly walks up to passengers in the security line and then pulls a can of wasp spray and begins spraying people.

Afterwards you see him swinging a machete as people runaway.

The attacker, identified as 63-year-old Richard White, was shot and later died from three bullet wounds after refusing treatment due to religious beliefs.

Investigators found Molotov cocktails inside a bag white had been carrying. They also found a grill lighter, a plastic letter opener and smoke bombs.

Investigators said White suffered from some type of mental illness but they were unable to determine a motive.

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