VIDEO: High school student performs Heimlich maneuver saves friend from choking

WCMH - LA CROSSE, WI (WCMH) — Ian Brown said his training in the local police explorers program helped him save his friends life.

Brown, Will Olson and some other friends were having lunch one day when someone cracked a joke.

"I took a deep breathe in, as I was laughing and that's when I started to choke," Olson tells WKBT.

Brown said he started Olson began to change colors and he knew something wasn't right.

"A couple of the other kids just didn't do anything, so I'm like all right, I'll step up to the plate and help him out," says Brown.

In the video released from the school, you can see Brown calmly walk behind his friend and begin performing the Heimlich maneuver.

The food dislodged from Olson's throat, and Brown says he learned the maneuver after learning the technique from the La Crosse Police Explorers Program.

Olson tells WKBT, Brown will never know how much he appreciates what he did. "I could've been dead. I could be dead now. I'm thankful. I can't say thank you enough for what he did… there's so many words that can explain it."

Olson says his next plan is to join the police explorers program and learn the Heimlich.

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